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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Tw1tterband Trial

I had a stupid idea to make a Tw1tterband. It’s a band made on Twitter. It’s also a project. So it’s the TwitterBand Project.
Tw1tter band project has a logo. It was designed by the marvellous @mediaben.

Yesterday I decided to give it a trial run. I was “let go” by my employers so I had nothing better to do.
I decided we would do Maggie May. By Rod Stewart.
It’s a great tune. My 1st pet was named after the song. Maggie was a cat. Maggie is dead now. If she wasn’t she’d be 39 now. I don’t know what that would be in cat years.

So at approximately midday yesterday I asked on Twitter if a producer was free to help.

@Logikalpaul very kindly agreed to help.

I had already found out from Twitter that was a good way to share tracks.
@logikalpaul sent me this: which was a computer generated drum track to share with artists would have to follow. Paul told me that the tempo was the most important thing. I’ve leaned since that recording the drum track 1st would be better and make everything tighter. I like it tight.

Then I asked (begged) for artists to get involved.

The mightily talented @danbeams kindly agreed to do the bass. And recorded this bass track at about6pm. Then Paul mixed it with the drum track here:
About half 6 @nicktheguitar recorded this acoustic guitar track. I was getting very excited.

@Mark_fellows then sent me this mandolin track. I love the sound of it. It’s a happy interment. Or am I thinking of the ukelele?
@Davielegend kindly volunteered to do lead vocals after I bullied him into it. It’s pretty bloody impressive. He didn’t know the song, and the song is a long song to sing. He sent this at about 7pm It took him 3 hours! 
Recorded using an iPhone.

It took @Jameswasnthere less than an hour to knock out the intro and an acoustic track. talented shit.

@RoOkin then sent loads of electric intros to the tune. I really hope Paul uses some of this.

Then @Scottlechat did this. He missed the 8pm deadline by 10mins. He’s been playing keys for 20yrs. Listen to it on headphones. It gives you a tumour.

Drums was an issue. I forgot to ask for drums! Silly me not knowing shit thought that the drum track was the drums. I was wrong. Fortunately @racinghippo did this: on live drums and @prophet_fred did this:

So that’s pretty much the progress so far. This rough mix was done by Paul at about 9pm
A rough full mix version is due out within 2.5 hours. Are you excited as I am?

I can’t believe how easy it was to do this. Ok it took some work. It took some talent  (not mine) but this was all organised using Twitter and and iPhone.

Thanks for reading. All rights reserved. x

Since this post this is the rough mix: (originally posted on Sat 29/1/11)

Pretty could eh?

We are now re-recording the tune, properly, should be ready for release on Sunday 6 Feb.
This is what lead vocalist @DavieLegend wrote about it on Monday 31/1/11

Thanks for reading.

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