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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Introducing the Band: @themanwhofell

Name: Greg Stekelman

Occupation: Writer/Copywriter/Illustrator
Role in Tw1tterband: Cover Art

I tweet a question, you reply in one tweet. Ok?
Ok. I can do that. But why do I have to be naked? And why do I have to dance like this?

I’m asking the questions. How did you come to be involved with Tw1tterband?
I may have inadvertently created the idea many months ago. And then @WH1SKS ran with the idea and asked me to help.

Please summarise your Twitterband contribution.
My contribution is a drawing of the Twitter whale transformed into a rock icon. I did it in Flash. It looks quite nice.

Tw1tterband has been organised at extremely short notice. Has it been tricky working with such a tight deadline?
No. Because I work quickly. I like all things in my life to be done badly but quickly.

Have you ever been involved with any other bands or music projects outside of Tw1tterband?
I designed the cover art for The Amateur Transplant's first CD. But musically I am totally talentless, so that's it

Which of the other Tw1tterband contributors have you met in person?
I have met @WH1SKS but only once. He showed me the wart on his finger. We bought sausage rolls from a supermarket.

What was the last record you bought?
I haven't bought a record in many years. I download everything or use spotify. The British record industry has let me down.

Fair enough. What was the first record you bought then?
It was a Chris Isaak record. The one with Wicked Game on it. I bought it in Woolworths in Muswell Hill.

How much did you pay for your last haircut?
£8. I am balding so I just have the same haircut. Last time they also burnt hair off my ears using a naked flame. Scary.

You’re on death row. You can choose one last meal and one album to listen to while you eat it. Name them.
The meal would be one of everything I like. It would take days to eat. I would listen to Fatherhood by Baby Bird.

Now comes the quick-fire round. I give you two choices you just decide which one you like the best. Easy.
Ok. Can I stop dancing yet? Why is the webcam on?

I TOLD YOU I ASK THE QUESTIONS. Beatles or Rolling Stones?
The Stones. Although I wouldn't be heartbroken if I didn't have to listen to either of them for a while.

Fender or Gibson?
I don't like Mel Gibson, so I'll have to go for Ralph Fender.

Ale or Lager?
Lager. Everyone drinks ale and it annoys me. "Oooh, this pub does Speckled Brown Owl Womble." Fuck off.

Lennon or McCartney?

Yoko Ono or Heather Mills?
Yoko Ono but only if she doesn't sing.

Books or Kindle?
Books, books books. I am King Canute, waving away the tides of technological progress, but I do love boo

Vinyl or iPod?
I prefer my non iPod mp3 player. I have lots of records but no record player.

Jamie or Delia?
Jamie. Although I feel a bit dirty typing that.

Twitter or Facebook?
Facebook. Twitter is wonderful but it's like having a wasp trapped inside your skull, randomly stinging your brain.

WH1SKS or wowser?
That's like asking me to choose which of my slightly retarded children I love most. I cannot choose.

Interview with @RedEaredRabbit.

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  1. Great interview and I'm not even lying. I don't understand what or who or why but it's bloody entertaining. Well done! @onetrueliar.