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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Introducing the Band: @prophet_fred

Name: Fred McLaren

Occupation: Drummer, Drum Teacher, DJ, Barman
Role in Tw1tterband: Drums (demo)

How did you become involved with Tw1tterband?
I enjoyed @WH1SKS Derren Brown-esque twitter experiment, a great idea, so it stemmed from that really. I like doing stuff.

Please summarise your Twitterband Contribution.
I put drums down on the original demo, I have also input ideas & generally tweeted bollocks with the rest of em- a great lot.

Tw1tterband has been organised at extremely short notice. Has it been tricky working with such a tight deadline?
yes it has, I got very stressed on the first demo then was sadly unable to participate on the final version due to "life".

Are you involved with any other bands or music projects outside of Tw1tterband?
my main thing is drumming for Post War Years, we have self-released records & that, I also DJ in small pubs/clubs/my bedroom.

Which of the other Tw1tterband contributors have you met in person?
I haven't met any of them but I have a belief that they are all sound, probably best we don't meet to keep that belief alive.

What was the last record you bought?
it was Movements In A Storm by my friend @jamesyuill, although actually I didn't buy - it he gave me a copy:-)

What was the first record you bought?
the first album I bought was Dangerous by Michael Jackson, though it may have been bought for me technically. Gotta love MJ.

How much did you pay for your last haircut?
erm, I think it was £35! I have big curly hair and don't get it cut often but when I do I splash out!

You’re on death row. You can choose one last meal and one album to listen to while you eat it. Name them.
difficult. Probably fillet steak with peppercorn sauce, fries & salad, listening to Dangerous to take me back to the start.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?

Fender or Gibson?

Ale or Lager?

Lennon or McCartney?

Yoko Ono or Heather Mills?
Yoko Ono

Books or Kindle?

Vinyl or iPod?
tricky but for versatility and ease of use... iPod!

Jamie or Delia?
Jamie, legend.

Twitter or Facebook?

WH1SKS or wowser?

Interview by @RedEaredRabbit.

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