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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Today in Tw1tterband

The juices have been flowing in band manager @WH1SKS brain as the build up begins for Sunday night's big launch.

First of all this is now a charity event.  The band members will be voting on the charity they'd like to be raising money for tomorrow and a Just Giving page will follow in the evening.

Secondly there's going to be a video to accompany Maggie May which @nicktheguitar (who's also playing guitar on the track) will be editing once all the band members have submitted their parts.  This, naturally, has changed the end game a bit so now instead of a track on SoundCloud it'll be a YouTube video that will go live to Twitter at 8pm (GMT) Sunday evening.  If you like the video, you go and donate whatever you can.

Easy yeah?

So to clarify, tomorrow evening, the Just Giving page goes live so you can all start donating.  Sunday at 8pm the song goes live on YouTube and then.... then you RT the link as much as you can.  We want the tweet to trend.  We want the video to be the most viewed on YouTube that day.  We want this collaborative effort to get noticed and then kick on to the next level.

Who is Tw1tterband?  Who's doing what?

Vocals:  @DavieLegend
Drums:  @RacingHippo
Bass:  @danbeames
Keys:  @scottlechat
Mandolin:  @mark_fellows
Ukulele:  @mashupsoldier

And introducing @logikalpaul (Producer), @themanwhofell (Art Work) @mediaben (Graphics).

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