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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Introducing the Band: @WH1SKS

Name: WH1SKS

Occupation: Internet Phenomenon
Role in Tw1tterband: Svengali

How did you come up with the idea for Tw1tterband?
I wanted to write a blog to celebrate my 2yr twitter birthday, remembered an idea @themanwhofell had. BOOM. IN YOUR FACE.

Please summarise your Twitterband Contribution.
Drinking and smoking.

Tw1tterband has been organised at extremely short notice. Has it been tricky working with such a tight deadline?
It's enveloped my life. I have thought of nothing else. Yes.

Are you involved with any other bands or music projects outside of Tw1tterband?
No and I never have been. I don't know anything about making music. I do now though. 44.1 htz for example.

You once famously destroyed a guitar. If you hadn’t would we have had a WH1SKS track on the record?
No, I was shit at it. Probably half the reason I smashed it up. If I could smash it up again I would. I can't though.

Which of the other Tw1tterband contributors have you met in person?
@RoOkin I haven't spoken to him since this project started. Or any member for that matter.

What was the last record you bought?
Maggie May, Rod Stewart. Not shitting you.

What was the first record you bought?
Genesis, In Too Deep. I know. What a prick.

How much did you pay for your last haircut?
£15. By @HairByBen.

You’re on death row. You can choose one last meal and one album to listen to while you eat it. Name them.
The Smiths, The Queen is Dead. Fish and Chips and a buttered roll please.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
The Beatles.

Fender or Gibson?
Dry Roasted.

Ale or Lager?
Yes please.

Lennon or McCartney?
Lennon and McCartney

Yoko Ono or Heather Mills?
I really need a piss.

Books or Kindle?
What's a book?

Vinyl or iPod?

Jamie or Delia?

Twitter or Facebook?

WH1SKS or wowser?

Interview by @RedEaredRabbit.

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