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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Introducing the Band: @nicktheguitar

Name: Nick Jones
Occupation: Studio Manager for the BBC World Service
Role in Tw1tterband: Acoustic Guitar

How did you become involved with Tw1tterband?
I follow WH1SKS and saw he wasn't having a good day! Had the time, kit and skills to do it so thought why not? it was a RAOK.

Please summarise your Twitterband Contribution.
I've played acoustic guitar, helped with the Soundcloud stuff, done some mixes and am doing the video.

Tw1tterband has been organised at extremely short notice. Has it been tricky working with such a tight deadline?
The guitar bit doesn’t' take too long so was easy to do. The video is going to be difficult as i'm working 14hour days!

Are you involved with any other bands or music projects outside of Tw1tterband?
Nothing at the moment. Been in various bands in the past but haven't played with other people for years.

Which of the other Tw1tterband contributors have you met in person?
Only met @scottlechat. Never played with any of the other people. only know them through twitter, most only through the band.

What was the last record you bought?
iTunes tells me it was 'the best of the Ramones'.

What was the first record you bought?
Blur - Parklife.

How much did you pay for your last haircut?
Free! Haven’t paid for a cut for about 10 years as I shave my own head/beard. What’s left of it anyway.

You’re on death row. You can choose one last meal and one album to listen to while you eat it. Name them.
Spicy meat pizza from a proper pizza place. I’d listen to Parklife. Very loudly.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Beatles. But I really don't know either so its not really a choice.

Fender or Gibson?
Fender! Thinline telecaster or a 62 Jaguar in foam green. i'm thinking of getting a telecaster neck tattoo'd on my forearm!

Ale or Lager?
Neither. I don't drink beer or lager. I’m starting to drink pear cider so Westerns Organic pear cider please!

Lennon or McCartney?
Not bothered about either, but probably Macca. He did a Bond theme that rocked.

Yoko Ono or Heather Mills?
Again, no opinion. Probably Yoko so i can talk to her about random art shit.

Books or Kindle?
Books. I don't read enough but I keep getting more books. Have some great old ones from my dad's childhood

Vinyl or iPod?
iPod. I've had one since the second version came out. I loves new tech!

Jamie or Delia?
Jamie. The man's a legend. We have most of his books which I can actually use! my sort of food.

Twitter or Facebook?
Twitter. I’m rarely on Facebook anymore.

WH1SKS or wowser?
WH1SKS. Don't think I follow the other guy.

Interview by @RedEaredRabbit.

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