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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Introducing the Band: @racinghippo

Name: John Kennard

Occupation: Solutions Architect
Role in Tw1tterband: Drums

How did you become involved with Tw1tterband?
he lovely @blaadyblah RT'd a cry for help from @wh1sks on Fri. I followed & when @prophet_fred couldn't do it I jumped in.

Please summarise your Twitterband Contribution.
I hit things. Inanimate things - I leave the living things to @wh1sks. I try to restrict the things to just drums though.

Tw1tterband has been organised at extremely short notice. Has it been tricky working with such a tight deadline?
Let's just say it's caused some Hard Stares at home! I'm lucky - I work from home so can nip to the kit to play for an hour.

Are you involved with any other bands or music projects outside of Tw1tterband?
Main band is Manning ( prog but on the soft side + flute & sax. We've just started on our 12th album.

Which of the other Tw1tterband contributors have you met in person?
Not a soul. Wouldn't know any of 'em from Adam!

What was the last record you bought?
The Big Red Spark by Tinyfish ( Like Manning, not the up-its-arse prog of 70s but great rock songs.

What was the first record you bought?
Night Flight to Venus, Boney M. It had an awesome drum part on the title track. That's why I bought it. Honest.

How much did you pay for your last haircut?
I just stick my fingers in a mains socket - the ends burn off for free. The downside is I'm left with this spiky haircut.

You’re on death row. You can choose one last meal and one album to listen to while you eat it. Name them.
Food's easy: my wife's steak pie. Divine. Album? Just one?! Moon Safari, Blomljud. Gorgeous vocal harmonies & clever songs.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Beatles. Hands down.

Fender or Gibson?
As Gibson was a headteacher I despised, I'll go with Fender. He was funny in Robots anyway.

Ale or Lager?
Ale. The Realer the better!

Lennon or McCartney?
McCartney. Clever bugger. Awful taste in women though.

Yoko Ono or Heather Mills?
Ahh, speak of the devil! And I guess after saying that it'll have to be Oko Yono. Poor choice though! Must try harder!

Books or Kindle?
Each has their place. But you can't draw little pictures on the page corners of a Kindle and flick through to animate them!

Vinyl or iPod?
iPods as SO last decade, darling! But if you mean digital, having my entire collection available through my phone is SO cool.

Jamie or Delia?
Well, one of them's a proper chef. The other shouldn't attempt anything more complex than an omelette. But she rarely does.

Twitter or Facebook?
I use both equally but for different purposes. But I'd say Twitter has had a more profound impact on my life.

WH1SKS or wowser?
WH1SKS. He da man! Whereas wowser, he da owl. Not the same by any measure.

Inteview by @RedEaredRabbit.

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